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Krav Maga Instructors

We know that motivation and inspiration comes from the front of the room.  Our strongest asset is our instruction staff.  We have a grueling certification process for both our Krav Maga and firearm instructors.  

You will feel comfortable and confident with all our staff.

Scott Turner
Master Instructor
Esther Turner

Since 1994, Scott Turner has trained over 6000 people to handle their firearms safely and responsibly.  We are very proud to have a 100% safety record.  He has accomplished this by having a a professional, clear, and concise curriculum. 

Starting at a very young age, Scott was taught about safe and responsible gun handling.  After his Mother passed, Scott's Father enrolled him into martial arts. Going into the military at the age of 17, he excelled at being a soldier.  In 1989 he graduated Ft. Benning's Infantry school.  1990 -1992 he held a markmans slot (Sniper) as a 19D4B (Cavalry Scout).

Following his motto of "if you are not progressing, you are regressing", Scott has continued his training through the ATA (American Taekwondo Association), NRA (National Rifle Association), ITTS (International Tactical Training Systems), Krav Maga (Israeli Military Self-Defense), not to mention numerous seminars and systems of other schools.


Esther has been involved with SDE since January of 2007.  Since then she has helped over 663 (as of May 2011) people learn how to use their firearms more safely and responsibly. 

While her primary discipline is handguns, she is amazing with a rifle or shotgun. 

Esther is the backbone of the organization.  Her ability to multitask and her attention to detail ensures all curriculum and administrative tasks are complete.  As an NRA and NWSDE instructor, she excells at breaking down the basics for beginner and intermediate level students.

She is in the process of starting a 'Hot Shots' class that will be for female students only.  If you are interested in this class (there will be 3 levels for handgun, rifle, and shotgun each), please contact her at:



Rob Goins
Master Instructor/Licensee
Chris Lund
Chief Krav Maga Instructor
Licensee - Stayton

Robert Goins is the Training Director of Washington State.

Located in Lakewood, Washington, he is just minutes away from Ft. Lewis, Tacoma, and a short drive from Seattle.

Robert is a 6th Degree black belt and Master instructor.  He is a certified instructor with the NRA, NWSDE Firearms, NWSDE Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo.  He is an international level instructor.  We are lucky to have him as a part of our organization.

Robert has traveled the world training in defensive tactics.  He has traveled to Egypt, Korea, Canada (yes that counts),

He knows the importance of refusing to be a victim.  In 1992 he was attacked by 3 burglars. 1 of them was armed with  a knife.  The only reason why he survived was because of his indomitable spirit.  He can bring something to the table that most instructors can't: Experience.

You may contact him directly at

Chris Lund is our Chief of instruction for our hand to hand system: Krav Maga

Chris has been involved with Krav Maga since 2002.  His no BS approach to teaching has earned the respect of all our students.


His background doesn't just stop there. In the Army he was a combat medic, stationed over seas, Chris gained massive experience on how to deal with battlefield injuries. 

Chris is a certified NSWDE Krav Maga Training Counselor (Training the Trainer), NWSDE Certified instructor, and a certified NRA instructor.

You may contact him directly at


​Kevin Ford
Master Instructor/Licensee
Edmonton, Alberta
Russ Duer
Master Instructor/Licensee
Eugene, Oregon


6th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor, Master Ford has been training in the martial arts for over 20 years.  Styles include Taekwondo, Jiujitsu, and of course Krav Maga.

Teaching as a head instructor since 1992, has trained, coached, and developed several national and world champions.

International experience includes seminars, demonstrations, and training camps in Canada, United States, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Karen Bennett
Surrey, BC
David Bennett
Surrey, BC

For the past 10 years, Karen has run a successful taekwondo school with her husband, David and her two sons, Mike and Trenton. 

Although martial arts is typically considered a male activity, their school has a high percentage of female students. 

Karen has a passion for empowering women to help them improve their mental and physical strength.  Through the years she has watched the confidence and competence of her students markedly increase. 

Fitness training, taekwondo and Krav Maga have given many of her students a new lease on life - from the courage to start new careers, to overcoming fears, to no longer being victims.

Contact her @

Randy Hamilton
Edmonton, Alberta
Jerry VonPhul
Salem, Oregon



Mr. VonPul is a 4th degree black belt, certified Krav Maga instructor, NRA Instructor, and NWSDE firearm instructor.

Mr. VonPhul believes in a well rounded defensive system.  He has trained in 2 Krav Maga systems, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu,  and Tai Chi.  

Contact Mr. VonPhul @

Krav Maga Instructor Randy Hamilton has been training for almost 20 years in martial arts, including Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Boxing, PPCT Training, Weapons and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Competing at High Levels including the world top ten, Randy Hamilton Enjoys a challenge and Krav Maga is one of the most exciting forms of training he embraces.

Randy Hamilton is the Father of Three beautiful daughters and loving husband of over 16 years.


Sharon Pleu
Albany & Corvallis, OR
Keegan Ireland
Keizer & Oregon City, OR
Lorne Davidson
Surrey & Whiterock, BC
Robert Davidson
Surrey & Whiterock, BC
John Smith
Grants Pass, OR
Melissa Harris
Kent, WA
DJ Gran
Seattle, WA


Jenn Hartmann
Instructor - Oregon City


Alicia Lund
Stayton, OR
Patrick Emokpae
Instructor - Alberta
Diego Renteria
Instructor - Alberta
Mr. V
Instructor - Alberta
Walter Brown
Instructor - Lakewood, WA
Greyson Hawks
Instructor - Eugene, OR
Christian Hawks
Instructor - Eugene, OR
Chris Oxford
Instructor - Albany, OR
Nathan Schreiter 
Instructor - Corvallis, OR
Noah Smith
Instructor- Grants Pass, OR
Forrest Parkinson
Instructor - Oregon City, OR
Amanda Bryant
Instructor - Keizer, OR