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Long Guns

A firearm can help equal the odds between you and a violent criminal. But a gun isn't a magic talisman. It's a tool. It requires skill to use.

It requires training. It requires practice.
Meet the Instructors

Basic Carbine

This  class that is dedicated to new shooters (or those that would like a refresher).  
We cover how to load and unload various semi-automatic carbines.  Focusing on safety, knowledge & handling, and basic shooting fundamentals, this is a great course!

Defensive Carbine Series

This class is designed to cater to the defensive mindset individual  
  The Defensive Handgun class will have a different focus with various drills to help reinforce the techniques.  Not 1 defensive carbine class will be the exact same as the next!

Various topics:
-Concealment vs. cover
-- Carbine set up
-Immediate action drills (how to clear a malfunctioned firearm)
-Rapid reload (tactical and static)
-Sustained fire drills
-Movement with a firearm
-Aftermath of a shooting
- Handgun retention
- Basic hand-2-hand
- Low light
- Shooting on the move
- Unorthodox shooting positions
-One hand manipulation
-Basic TAC/MED

This realism based training may save your life or a loved one!  


Tactical  Series

In our Tactical classes you will see all kinds of gear.  Some will be wearing jeans and run their handgun from concealment, others may be wearing their entire kit.  It doesn't matter what gear you are wearing.  The TAC series is geared towards the student that want to be challenged: Physically and mentally.
We may teach similar topics as the defensive series, but in a different way!  
Other topics may include:
Small unit tactics and techniques
Care under fire
No light 
Precision Rifle
Ladies Only
A firearm can be very scary for a new shooter, especially women.  Having a healthy fear is a good thing...having a trained staff that understands this is a GREAT thing!  
The men in your life sometimes are so excited when you express an interest in firearms, they may appear pushy or intimidating.  They just care and want you to do well.  Our staff does an exceptional job working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters in the same class!
We bring several firearms for the ladies to try out (to help find that perfect fit)!
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