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TAC Classes

In our Tactical classes you will see all kinds of gear.  Some will be wearing jeans and run their handgun from concealment, others may be wearing their entire kit.  It doesn't matter what gear you are wearing.  The TAC series is geared towards the student that want to be challenged: Physically and mentally.
We may teach similar topics as the defensive series, but in a different way!  
Other topics may include:
Small unit tactics and techniques
Care under fire
No light 
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TAC Series

Take your training to the next level.  
Taught by instructors with real world experience using the most current training methods.
Just like equipment evolves, so must the tactics.  Don't be stuck in 1996...
What to bring (Depending on the course more may be added):
Eye and ear pro
Carbine, with sling, 3 mags, and 200rds+
Handgun with strong side or appendix holster
(No cross draw or shoulder rigs will be allowed)
2+ mags, and 250rds+.

Dress for the weather.

TAC - Low/no light

Most critical incidents happen in no or low light.  
Our TAC LNL we will teach you how to use your handheld light, weapon mounted light, and if you have it... Night vision.
Don't just train to fight in direct sunlight... 
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