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Check out our store for merchandise and registration for some of our courses.  For apparel check out our Teespring!

Square Store:

Here you can find some merchandise and be able to register for our classes (not all classes require preregistration.



Wanna rep Rogue/NWSDE?  Check out our Teespring page for apparel!

Elite membership:    $199

NWSDE Patch, Certificate, T-Shirt or Hat,  membership Card, Members only Facebook, Elite members only Facebook access, Monthly emails with training tips, Substantial discounts for NWSDE events, Free access to OMG events... Limited to 250 members!


Discounts with industry partners, Access to group buys, Access to Elite only events (Minimum of 2 per year), business owners may elect to have their website link on our partner page.

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