Jim 'The Kraken' Erwin - Senior Advisor

NWSDE can only be as strong as its weakest link.  This is why we strive to continually improve ourselves.  When we find a weak area... we seek to find someone who can increase our strength... we hit a home run with Jim Erwin.  We look forward to hosting Jim out for NWSDE member only courses!

Jim Erwin has built his entire career on one premise – to protect. He is a veteran of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, including service as a 1st SFOD-D (Delta) Operator. After leaving active duty, Erwin provided close protection and security for high-profiled clientele across the globe including many high-threat environments. Erwin is a certified FBI Advanced Firearms Instructor, and has earned several instructor certifications for the NRA. 

Having grown up in the mountains of Northern California, he spent his youth playing football, hiking the Sierra Nevada and looking out for those who were smaller than he (who was just about everyone he encountered).  

Realizing a natural athleticism and overwhelming need to shield people from harm, he entered the U.S. Army, eager to earn his place in the 2nd Ranger Battalion (75th Ranger Regiment) at Fort Lewis, WA. Quickly finding his place as a leader, Erwin was awarded the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his U.S. Army Sniper Course and served as the ranking NCO for a military free-fall unit.  

In an effort to push himself to the next level, Erwin accepted an invitation to participate in the 1st SFOD-D selection course - where he was ultimately one of five candidates chosen from a class of nearly 100. 

As the senior tactical advisor, Jim Erwin will offer insight that only members of the elite can.  He will ensure that the NWSDE team stays on the top of their game.

Release the kraken!

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