Ladies Only

Our ladies ROCK!
A firearm can be very scary for a new shooter.  Having a healthy fear is a good thing...having a trained staff that understands this is a GREAT thing!  
The men in your life sometimes are so excited when you express an interest in firearms, they may appear pushy or intimidating.  They just care and want you to do well.  Our staff does an exceptional job working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters in the same class!
Its a great learning environment.
We bring several firearms for the ladies to try out (to help find that perfect fit)!
Meet new friends
Meet new friends

The best instructors
The best instructors


Meet new friends
Meet new friends

Beginner & Intermediate level classes on a monthly basis!
Handgun Only
Carbine Only
Handgun and Carbine Combo
Self-defense Camps
Intermediate classes require a strong side holster
Ammunition count varies.


What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday..or ANY day! 
These 2 hour parties are perfect for all ages! (7-14 and 15-adult)!  The curriculum is somewhat fluid based on the skill level of the participants.  What every party will have: 

-Firearm Safety
-Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship
-Fun drills with interactive targets (Live fire)

Non-live fire (level 1 FIRST class) parties available.