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FIRST - Kids and Ladies

NWSDE is a self-defense education company. 
We know without providing a safe and educational environment, our firearm rights could be short lived.  It is our responsibility to train the next generation.
Drawing from  his experience owning a  martial art school specializing in Krav Maga and training for kids, Scott Turner has developed an objective based training system to encourage students to want to continue their education with NWSDE FIRST program.  
The initial FIRST class is FREE..  We will cover basic firearm safety, demonstration of all 8 major action groups, Loading and unloading of several platforms, and fundamentals of marksmanship.  Students will receive a white wristband to signify their level upon meeting the standards of the course (Open book test with parent and safely demonstrating handing a long gun and handgun to an instructor)
From this initial class, the student will have 4 primary disciplines to gain knowledge on:

Precision Rifle

Following Jeff Cooper’s situational awareness codes, FIRST has 3 additional levels for each discipline.  Each level will have age appropriate written exams and proficiency tests.
To test for the level black, students must hold red in all 4 disciplines, score a minimum of 90% on the written and proficiency exam, and compete at 5 Oregon Multi-Gun competitions.
Life Skills:
We want our students to be very well rounded citizens.  We feel that using firearms are the perfect vehicle to teach these vital life skills: 

Students will also learn basic First-Aid, CPR, and introductory into our TAC/MED training.  These life saving skills are extremely important for every citizen.  

Birthday Parties!

What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! 
These 2 hour parties are perfect for all juniors (7-14 and 15-adult)!  The curriculum is somewhat fluid based on the skill level of the participants.  What every party will have: 

-Firearm Safety
-Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship
-Fun drills with interactive targets (Live fire)
-Time allotted for presents and cake (not provided)

Non-live fire (level 1 FIRST class) parties available.  
Ladies Only
A firearm can be very scary for a new shooter, especially women.  Having a healthy fear is a good thing...having a trained staff that understands this is a GREAT thing!  
The men in your life sometimes are so excited when you express an interest in firearms, they may appear pushy or intimidating.  They just care and want you to do well.  Our staff does an exceptional job working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters in the same class!
We bring several firearms for the ladies to try out (to help find that perfect fit)!
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