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TAC/MED Division

For years Scott and Esther Turner has dreamed of having a 'Life-Saving' curriculum, but we struggled finding instructors that we felt comfortable with.  We are so happy we waited.  We feel we have the PERFECT team to teach emergency medical!
We offer CPR, First-aid, AED, and BLC certifications for companies and individuals. 
Our TAC/MED division blends civilian EMS and Military TCCC.  Our instructors are experts in their fields (EMT, Paramedic, Trauma Nurse, and Air Force Pararescueman... aka PJ) 
The head of our TAC/MED division is one of the coolest and talented guys around: Mark McHugh.  Mark is a Marine-turned-Air Force PJ-turned-photographer with 68 combat missions under his belt.  With his combat experience he can help us learn how to save lives during a critical incident. 
The life you save may be your own.
Meet the Instructors
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CPR/1st Aid
Taught by our very own firefighter/EMT Alan Robbins.
ASHI/medic first aid is a flexible comprehensive video based first aid course designed for the adult learner. Covering basic first aid, CPR and use of a automatic external defibrillator (AED).
It surpasses the industry standard Covering blood borne pathogens as well. The class combines first aid and CPR in one class instead of having two separate training sessions
Intro to TAC/MED
Our introductory course for TAC/MED is designed to teach the students rapid patient assessment  (M.A.R.C.H. Acronym), contents of an IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit), tourniquets (Commercial and  improvised, etc), NPA’s, Chest Seals, etc.
The intro to TAC/MED is a prerequisite to attend our TAC/MED 1-3 courses and can be taught in open enrollment or private group classes.  
Highly recommended
Our TAC/MED 1-3 courses are taught by Mark McHugh and Josh Michlitsch.  
Mark is a former Air Force Pararescue (PJ).  With 68 combat missions, Mark brings a lot of real world experience to the table (68 missions applying medical care under combat conditions).
Josh is a former Marine with plenty of combat experience and currently a Paramedic.  He brings an incredible about of experience and knowledge to the table.  We are very lucky to have him.
Whether it is applying life saving techniques to a loved one or yourself after a critical engagement, these skills will be the most valuable we have to offer.  
TAC/MED courses 1-3 is applicable to car wrecks, range accidents, household injuries, or an event that has been all to familiar lately... an aftermath of an active shooter.
Private group classes can be tailored to the specific needs of the group.
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