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NW Self-Defense Education

Prepared not Scared
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Krav Maga





Kids and Ladies only



(Includes Active Shooter Response)

Emergency Medicine Division


Mission statement and logo:

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to improve the quality and safety of our communities by providing complete self-defense training.  


We teach all aspects of self-defense.  Our motto is "Prepared not scared".

Our Logo:

The symbol that looks like an 'N' in the center is a mem and it is very meaningful to us.  The words Krav Maga translates to Contact Combat in Hebrew.  The word 'Maga' is Contact.  Mem is the first letter in Maga and by itself means water/spring (where life starts).  The open form (pesucha) is said to represent "the revealed truth". 

The word contact has many meanings as well.  In the military it could be taking fire, reacting to fire, or finding the enemy.  As far as self-defense contact would be the ability to touch or be touched.  Contact also means connecting with other people...making a difference by touching their lives.

The crosshairs represent precision.  The outer circle of the reticle is circular to represent being open minded.  This is very important, in order for us to continually grow and be relevant, we must be open minded for change.  A circle is never ending; it is a reminder to us that a good instructor is a GREAT student.  If it doesn't benefit the student... it is removed from our system.

Wings:  In the military, wings are earned and is something that is coveted.    To our students it represents honor, to our instructors its a reminder that we must lift our students up, or to simply put; We lead by example.  The wings on the TAC/MED logo represent the guardian angel and a nod to our senior advisor Mark McHugh who developed our TAC/MED curriculum.  Mark is a former USAF Pararescueman.

The sword represents strength and honor.  The star of David in the handle is to recognize Krav Maga's birthplace: Israel.




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